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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Trump declares disputable refuge manage Guatemala

Trump announces refuge in Guatemala dispute

President Donald Trump a "special case," a fringe of refuge understanding the developments of tramps of the southern neighbors to stop the weight is coming with the creation of the United States of America, Guatemala, reported Friday.

"Guatemala is now protected to a third nation", the White House to take refuge in Guatemala linked to the United States Transit is estimated to have to.

Although the US Department of Homeland Security, ultimately, it is unclear to many of the subtleties in the first, among them, do not agree with the content of the show said Friday.

"This is an important Coyotes concept and will ruin the bootleggers," said the president, the transit through the southern fringe of Mexico has a large number of people, is not a "dangerous", apparently.

Trump triumphs again for migrant workers, and in the leadership of the fringe of the Supreme Court of Mexico on Friday and $ 2.5 billion in capital, navigation systems and the Pentagon has decided to provide for the prosecution of the president.

. "Strong border security and the rule of law, according to WIN! "

In 2020, the White House, the president of the court, two illegal behavior Ceasing has traveled in prison, preparing the distribution of hair, according to his promise in 2016, won the race in a limited amount as the need for the Republican primary.

Back to Guatemala

jeopardize the boycott movement, tax and settlement costs or "refuge by the majority of Hong Kong, agreed to sign an agreement in paradise Trump decide that it is not a stroke of luck small Central American country after a lawsuit against a sound sound. "

On Friday, Guatemala, including the religious understanding of the Oval Office, Enrique Degenhart and Acting Secretary of Homeland Security: Kevin McAleenan, if not others, or by the United States of Guernsey is Gondurasskiy tramps.

Their refuge is documented in Guatemala, said McAleenan.

Central America, on the other hand, decided that vagabonds come by chance, "the United States should be looking for a safe haven for adventure, they would return to Guatemala," he said.

The organization is ready to act in trust, said McAleenan.

According to specialists in the United States last year, including transportation must be separated from the group, Central America and the absolute misery and disgusting, Cruel escape of a large number of people.

is not "protected"

The real question is the agreement.

This is an evening for the needs of Guatemala, "obstacle" to the third week of understanding the safe shelter of Guatemala in accordance with the court agreement, if it was not immediately clear.

McAleenan phrase "no words", and the content itself.

"Piracy as a democrat and the best arrangement with charity and evil," Guatemala refuge and insurance forms, arguing that they should be declared illegal.

"In fact, Guatemala's certifiably displaced people and those seeking refuge are not a place for people, as the law requires," he said, "demands a lawsuit against the" test, including the director, the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House, said Eliot Engel.

Understanding the Law Association, Refugees International has called a "complaint" and displaced people in Guatemala, and is not good for researchers, because of "serious risk that the most vulnerable absolute

McAleenan Guatemala on the required insurance is a "success".

"Guatemala over the past five years in their homicide rate and the beast was a decrease in the crime rate. "

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