Mehwish Hayat pledges to raise voice for Pakistan hockey, pays an unexpected visit to the arena - DESI NEWS

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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Mehwish Hayat pledges to raise voice for Pakistan hockey, pays an unexpected visit to the arena

Expecting to raise voice for Pakistan's disregarded national game, hockey, prestigious film star Mehwish Hayat on Friday night paid an unexpected visit to the Abdul Sattar Hockey Stadium to observe the continuous matches of the National Hockey Championship.

Mehwish touched base at the arena with her sibling, amazing everybody, including players and competition authorities.

The 'Criminal Guriya' of the film 'Baji' was invited at the arena by Hanif Khan, Iftekhar Saeed, and Haider Hussain, who advised her about the continuous title.

Mehwish additionally met players and mentors taking an interest in the competition, inquiring as to whether they required any help.

Previous Pakistan chief Rehan Butt recommended that showbiz stars should give hockey players an equivalent measure of significance as they provide for cricketers.

"We just anticipate that you should advance hockey as envoys. When you complete a show, welcome some hockey players there too simply like you welcome Kamran Akmal or Mohammad Aamir," Rehan Butt recommended.

Mehwish concurred.

"We gab about cricket. We should understand that we have won a greater number of titles in hockey than in cricket. We have won four World Cups and three Olympic titles," she said.

"We are an excessive amount of concentrated on cricket. Hockey needs our concentration also," said the film star.

Mehwish was likewise all around educated about the history and decay of Pakistan hockey, and, presumably that is the reason she picked to help the game.

"When we were number one in hockey, however now we are at our least. We are presently notwithstanding attempting to fit the bill for the Olympics. I accept that administration must find a way to resuscitate hockey in Pakistan," she said.

The honor winning craftsman concurred that showbiz famous people must assume a job to help all the ignored games by featuring the accomplishments on their separate discussions.

She included that predominant press and online networking consideration is imperative to enable any games to develop.

"I am likewise shocked that the national competition of hockey isn't getting communicated live anyplace. How might we anticipate that diversions should accomplish brilliance without live communicate? We have to work to spare the national game," she said.

"Hockey being our national game needs our consideration. We as a whole need to meet up to help hockey," Mehwish included.

The film star trusted that there would be individuals in the stands cheering for the groups, however was disillusioned to see scarcely any onlookers present at the arena.

The nearness of Pakistan's top film craftsman at the hockey arena was likewise a lovely shock for the flow and previous hockey players.

While the adolescents got selfies with her, previous players were additionally observed informing Mehwish regarding how they preferred her character in different films.

The film star, notwithstanding, needed to stay concentrated on hockey. So she got a hockey stick and attempted to test her abilities as previous Pakistan player Haider Hussain gave her some fundamental hockey tips.

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