Mehwish Hayat Pakistan refused to raise his voice, unexpected hockey arena visit - DESI NEWS

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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Mehwish Hayat Pakistan refused to raise his voice, unexpected hockey arena visit

Mehwish Hayat Pakistan refused to raise his voice, unexpected hockey arena visit

Pakistan has rejected this issue, waiting for its voice at the national game, hockey and Friday night, including the leading film star Mehwish Hayat National Hockey Championship for the ongoing monitoring of Abdul Sattar hockey stadium unexpected visit.

Mehwish Rukia, all miracles, including players, and the base touched with the competition authorities on the scene.

"Criminal Guriya" Sermon on the title of the film, "Baja" standing Hanif Khan, Syed Haider Iftekhar Hussain invited to the arena.

additional interest in the players and the masters of competition Mehwish met no need for any help, she asked.

Rehan Butt Pakistan to remember the stars, they should ensure that appropriate measures to ensure that cricketers, hockey players importance should be offered.

"We hope to be not only an apostle of hockey forward. When the show's end, some hockey players, Kamran Akmal and Mohammad Aamir are not only welcomed, "Rehan Butt is recommended.

Mehwish added.

"We have on PAB hockey cricket as cricket. We must understand that he has received the most titles. We have to win four World Cups and three Olympic titles, "he said.

"We focused on a lot of cricket. We need to focus on both hockey, a movie star.

around the Mehwish knowledge of Pakistan's history of hockey and decadence, the expectation in this game is to help the cause.

"We have a number of hockey at one point but now we are at least trying to charge for the Olympics. We are, but right now. I have to find a way to resurrect Pakistan's hockey leadership, decision-making, "he said.

The craftsman won the honor of famous people remember a discussion with the participation of all games, to help employers need to be added.

To view an extensive online network and print to allow different games is very important.

"I hockey tournament on the national theme. We have not talked for a minute there is a direct connection brilliance charm? We need to spare the national game before the bumper, "he said.

"Hockey is our national sport should look like. Help was needed to answer before hockey, "Mehwish.

For groups, there is a gas like a movie star, may be enough, but did not have a job offer in the arena.

Pakistan hockey arena near movie stream and hockey players are very good, was a bit of a shock.

While the teenagers selfies with him, the old players, they are in various movies and observed his character Mehwish.

Despite the star of the film, we must focus on hockey. So he took a hockey stick, a former Pakistani player Haider Hussein and several major hockey was trying to test his ability to see.

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