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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Carter-biirge Shehbaz Kunduz Mail DISTRIBUTORS case

Carter-biirge Shehbaz Kunduz Mail DISTRIBUTORS case

Popular media service Carter-bridge British newspaper Shehbaz against the interests of Kandahar Sunday postal site, Internet News online mail and the writer David Rose, published on July 14, got his "political" article on the legal action started in 2019.

Carter-Birge Shahbaz, chairman of the PML-N party, seven days after the inspection, of Punjab, Pakistan and the former chief minister said the opposition agreed to follow in favor of the pioneers.

Documents Alasdair Pepper, Antonia Foster and Victoria Anderson case against the distribution of legitimate Sheanda Kandahar speak.

Carter-biirge says: "The citizens of Britain's article, to provide cash assistance to the victims of the 2005 earthquake, DFID Pakistan's majority Mr. Han is based on the potential of this denies the charges, including false claims and serious that he is wrong Mr. Kandahar terms denigrating ".

The charges of English Shehbaz Khan that he was "totally dismayed," he said Friday.

Shehbaz Khan hh "I stole money from a store for the victims of the terrible seismic earthquake is to guarantee that nobody, of course, this evidence, that is, against any complaint contained in the article was there, I took it, and for me it would be nice. exhale a war to convince political influence and my family in Pakistan, established by this law. Choice article led to this part of the discussion of key observers and confessing abnormal state secrets In the conclusion of the expertise, including access to "test" Khan asked and humanely "consequences" and has covered the pretrial detention prison ”.

Gilani-N is a pioneer in the early production of the scene was put right in front of his guilt.

"They are among the various questions that would listen, I -. - In 2005, an earthquake in Pakistan, and I live in exile in Great Britain, however, will appreciate that I am not expert and personal in all cases, it is difficult to prove my innocence of the charges if he does can't do it, and what is required by a court in England and Wales, if necessary after this case, I do. "

Shehbaz Khan's agents within fourteen days of meeting a terrible separate law, the power companies and Carter had decided to go with biirge.

The report, given the possibility of selecting a portion of the document, entitled 'Consequences, said:' Britain is a group aymıktık earthquake child tab Pakistan of people exploited for the idea of ​​ownership in Armenia, the first Minister David asks, "Imran Khan" an abnormal movement of state examination.

Mail Sunday to DFID cancel stolen money and Shehbaz Kandahar and his family in the wash.

Free shareware, DFID, "our strong base salary, was to protect the UK citizen".

In the announcement, the spokesman for DFID said: "This is the result of Erra's help in the UK to install - just for money market funds is based on the structure near the school, at the over time, as well as assessed and verified.

"The citizen of Britain, he was weak shaking shakes losses and help. We have a powerful false base statement is undoubtedly a British citizen. "

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